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Dates and times for our 2019 Student-Athlete Program will be released very soon. Stay tuned!

Preparing an athlete for his or her sport requires fundamental, strategic planning and individualized programming. The days of being able to dominate on the court or field from pure, natural-born athleticism are over. Nowadays, comprehensive training is at the base of athletic skill and ability. Those who train well, compete and play well. Being able to produce strong, explosive movements while maintaining core stability and flexibility can make all the difference between scoring a goal and not scoring a goal. So how do we help our athletes develop the necessary physical skills and abilities to perform at the highest level?

Here at BEAT Fitness, we believe the key to developing athleticism and explosiveness while preventing injury is to train and develop the body evenly and from the inside out. We believe that training an athlete’s dominant and non-dominant sides evenly will translate to explosive movements, optimal balance, and ultimately, a strong performance on the court or field. BEAT Fitness’ Student-Athlete Program is unlike any other due to state of the art concepts and training equipment as well as cutting-edge program design used to train the best athletes in the world including 2017 Long Drive Golf Champion, Justin James. Working closely with highly qualified fitness professionals – including former MLB player, Marlon Bird, and inventor of the widely recognized BOSU Ball, David Weck – Beat Fitness is truly at the forefront of athletic development and program design.

Our Student-Athlete Program is better than ever and will educate athletes on: proper running mechanics (head over foot landing and pulsing arm movements), how to optimize core function and strength by tapping into the spinal engine and utilize core coiling techniques, and a ‘more force, faster’ mode of training known as compression strength training.  We’ll strive to increase your speed in as little as one training session and overall athletic ability over the duration of the program. BEAT Fitness’ Student-Athlete Program is one that you do not want to miss out on!

For questions, or to register for this years’ program, please call us at 724-900-0323 or email us at

2019 Student Athlete Training Program Packages

  • Registration – Unlimited Workouts | $99/month

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