RMT Club Pivoting

Many drills using the RMT club require you to pivot. Pivoting is an excellent way to improve internal and external hip rotation while helping to protect the lumbar spine.

RMT Shoulder Rehab Exercise

Rehabbing from a shoulder injury can prove to be challenging and tedious. Incorporating this RMT club rehab exercise is a great, pain-free way to improve mobility, stability, and range of motion throughout your shoulder.

RMT Club Overhead Stretch

Include this overhead stretch mobility drill using the RMT club to open up your chest and shoulders while working to improve thoracic extension. This exercise is a great way to improve range of motion and posture.


Coiling Core Introduction

Your lats are your strongest core muscles. They physically bridge and connect the hips and shoulders and have more skeletal attachments than any other muscle in the human body. The formula behind Coiling Core Training is to contract one lat at a time, bringing your shoulder back and down and the same side hip up and forward. Enhancing your ability to coil your core results in increased force generation, range of motion, coordination, rotational power, and maximum strength.

Coiling Core Regressed Superman

Learning or teaching someone to coil the core for the first time? The coiling core regressed superman is the easiest way to learn how to engage your lats and coil your core.


BOSU Compression Squat

This exercise works to train your adductors to work as powerful hip flexors and hip extensors, engages your glutes and upper hamstrings like never before, and primes your body for heavier lifts and ground-based movements.

BOSU Compression Push-Up

This exercise is the most powerful and productive push-up on the planet. It helps to develop great center line strength, which is your body’s natural tendency when it comes to movement mechanics. This push-up based exercise encourages deep recruitment of the pectoralis muscles and the largest core muscle, the latissimus dorsi, and puts far less stress on the shoulders than other “pressing” or “pushing” movements.

Horizontal Heisman

his exercise is one of the most powerful core exercises you can do based on its functional carry over to rotational power for more powerful athletic movements like throwing, punching, jumping, hitting, or running. This exercise works on your body’s ability to coil the core, which is at the heart of rotational movement training.