Beat Fitness Benefits

Benefits of HIIT Training

• Helps build endurance
• Burns calories and fat in a shorter period of time
• Effective and efficient energy use
• Boosts metabolism
• Burns calories and fat hours after leaving the gym
• Improves heart health
• Improves oxygen consumption
• Reduces heart rate, blood pressure, and blood sugar
• Lowers risk of heart disease and Type II diabetes
• Helps reduce symptoms of stress, anxiety, depression, and obsessive-compulsive disorder

Benefits of Barefoot Training

• Improves balance & overall sports performance
• Improves perception of space & movement
• Strengthens ankles and increases support
• Improves muscle alignment
• Leads to stronger arches in the feet
• Enhances range of motion of feet, ankles, knees, and hips
• Helps promote healthy feet
• Leads to better Chi (Qi)
• Prevents injury and loss of mobility and stability

Benefits of Non-Dominant Side Training

• Enhances athleticism
• Leads to greater control of one’s non-dominant side
• Helps the body coordinate left and right sides of the body to improve overall movement
• Improves coordination, balance, strength, and overall athletic capacity
• Enhances dominant side and non-dominant side capabilities
• Minimizes movement deficiencies
• Encourages body symmetry between left and right sides of the body
• Allows non-dominant side of the body to contribute with greater efficiency, coordination, and total
body performance

Benefits of Rotational Movement Training

• Unifies and balances left and right sides of the body
• Strengthens tissues and the entire musculoskeletal system
• Educates the body to move smarter and with greater efficiency and athleticism

• Promotes greater communication and connection between muscles, tendons, connective
tissues, and joints within the body
• Enhanced communication helps promote integration and sequencing between core and the rest
of the body
• Better integration of the body leads to more effective production and expression of total body
• Prepares the body to execute movements with greater ease and fluidity
• Increases power and explosiveness while decreasing risk of injury

Benefits of Group Fitness

• Increases motivation and commitment
• Pushes yourself to work harder
• Provides an opportunity to compete against yourself and/or others
• Promotes greater release of endorphins than exercising alone
• Helps diversify your workouts which ultimately leads to greater results
• Provides support, encouragement, and accountability
• Provides external motivation when you’re dragging or unmotivated
• Greater emphasis on form and a lower risk of injury

Benefits of Beat Fitness Trainers vs. Other Trainers

• Much higher attention to form than other trainers
• Stronger knowledge and expertise of the human body and human movement
• Greater emphasis on postural alignment and imbalances than other gyms and trainers
• Stronger commitment to improving muscle weaknesses and dysfunctions throughout the body
• Stronger focus on EDUCATING and INSTRUCTING rather than just designing a challenging
• Stronger emphasis on building community and making people feel comfortable around others
• Provides participants with stretches and muscle activation exercises to work on at home

Benefits of Beat Fitness Workout vs. Other Workouts

• Implementation of barefoot training and its resulting benefits
• Implementation of non-dominant side training and its resulting benefits
• Implementation of rotational movement training and its resulting benefits – NO other workout
or trainer around is as committed to incorporating rotational movements as we are!
• Greater focus on incorporating as many planes and ranges of motion than other workouts
• Incorporation of state-of-the-art training equipment and methodologies
• More education, progressions and regressions, and attention to form than other workouts
• Significantly lower risk of injury than any other workouts or trainers around