Beat Fitness Breathing Seminars

Coming this Spring – Beat Fitness Better Breathing Seminars! These seminars, divided into beginner and advanced, will be extremely beneficial for people who:

• Feel fatigued and want to find a way to fix it
• Lack focus, have problems with learning and concentration
• Experience pain of any type (such as back or hip pain) and want to find a way to fix it
• Looking to stay young and healthy while combating oxidative stress of everyday life
• Want to feel more centered and balanced
• Suffer from symptoms of anxiety or depression
• Want to experience shorter recovery times from athletic competition or workouts
• Live a stressful life and are concerned about the effects of their lifestyle on their brain and body
• Have difficulty sleeping
• Feel like they can’t get enough air or can’t take a deep breath
• Experience GI problems like IBS or acid reflux
• Constantly worry or feel overwhelmed
• People who have reached a plateau in their weight loss journey

So basically, anyone can benefit from better breathing! Fill out the form listed below to be the first to know all of the details about our upcoming better breathing seminars and to receive special, early-bird pricing!