RMT Club Pivoting

Many drills using the RMT club require you to pivot. Pivoting is an excellent way to improve internal and external hip rotation while helping to protect the lumbar spine.

RMT Shoulder Rehab Exercise

Rehabbing from a shoulder injury can prove to be challenging and tedious. Incorporating this RMT club rehab exercise is a great, pain-free way to improve mobility, stability, and range of motion throughout your shoulder.

RMT Club Overhead Stretch

Include this overhead stretch mobility drill using the RMT club to open up your chest and shoulders while working to improve thoracic extension. This exercise is a great way to improve range of motion and posture.

Circle Stops with RMT Club

This exercise teaches you how to brace your core while still maintaining breath and that gives you the ability to organize the core, stabilize the core, and maintain that core stability while producing athletic movements.

Shoulder to Shoulder RMT Club

This exercise is a great exercise to promote mobility ,stability, and flexibility through the shoulder girdle.

Search Light RMT Club

This exercise is another great RMT Club core exercise that teaches you to stabilize your spine and core while maintaining control over your breathing.