1 hour long class focusing on the foundational concepts of Beat Fitness.  You will learn introductory techniques, movements, and muscle activation to ensure proper breathing and spinal posture during exercising.  One of our goals with each client is to teach you how to exercise while focusing on improving your form to reduce your risk of injury.  Dr. Dan is a Chiropractor and has helped thousands of patients to improve their technique which will alleviate risk of injury and ensure maximum muscle control.

In this class you will learn:

  • Diaphragmatic breathing and deep core activation
  • Spinal and skeletal muscle engagement while exercising
  • Form and technique throughout the various movements

Class Breakdown

  • 5 minute active warm up
  • 10 minute strength
  • 12 rounds of 2:00 HIIT, 40 second rest between rounds = 32 minutes
  • 5 minute active/static cool-down