How you feel day-to-day is comprised of many factors that all fall under a category called wellness. There are many philosophies and studies that state getting regular exercise will improve your wellness. The question is, if wellness is the optimal state of one’s health in body and mind, are you getting the exercise and physical activity you need to meet that state? The answer is no, almost 80% of Americans do not even get enough exercise let alone the proper exercise and physical activity they need to meet their wellness goals.

As a society we have become limited in our functional movements as well as mobility and are confined to a desk up to 10 hours a day in order to meet work demands. This inactivity and poor ergonomics has also carried over into our leisure time where we are compromising our health of the body and mind even more. The leading cause of death in the U.S is Heart Disease, and the most common pain felt by at least 80% of people in their life is low back pain. These are just two major compromises to one’s health that are considered preventable!

So let’s prevent it! We believe in optimizing people’s lives and overall health through the science of functional movement and proper ergonomics. It is time to change the way we live and feel. It is our passion and commitment to create a lifestyle for people to live better all day, every day.

Through BEAT Fitness that choice is yours! Our team has created classes that are geared for individuals of all health and experience levels. Proper movement and ergonomics are the foundation to all of our classes and personal training sessions. We strategically combine core breathing, strong base stability and postural elements to our workouts. We are builders, creators and innovators who are passionate about living the lifestyle that we preach. We are here to change the mentality with others, build relationships, and live better lives…ALL DAY, EVERY DAY!