Non-Dominant Side Training

What is Non-Dominant Side Training?

Developing your non-dominant side is one of the best ways to make yourself a better athlete. More often than not, athletes avoid non-dominant side development because they don’t want to look or feel awkward. Breaking through the awkwardness and limitations of your mind and body can lead to greater control of your non-dominant side, which helps improve athletic movement skills as both sides of your body are able to work better together as one complete unit. The stronger, more coordinated side of your body has established its dominance throughout your life through consistent usage and education. By using the “Compare/Contrast Principle,” we can teach your body to borrow the intelligence of your better side to help educate your non-dominant side, thus improving coordination, balance, and global athleticism.

This creates balanced muscle memory that translates or carries over to many athletic movements such as throwing, hitting, running, jumping, better agility and athletic balance. By learning to compare the quality of one side against the other, you begin to understand exactly what you are doing with your dominant side and then work to implement these same movement patterns to your non-dominant side. Not only will this improve your non-dominant side, but the examination and comparison between right and left will also enhance your dominant side capabilities. Improving the capability of your non-dominant side minimizes movement deficiencies and improves overall athletic capacity, balance, and strength. The techniques utilized in Non-Dominant Side Training encourages symmetry between left and right sides of your body and allows the non-dominant side of your body to contribute with greater efficiency, coordination, and total body performance.

Non-Dominant Side Training will improve the communication between both sides of your body to make you an all-around better athlete, decrease wasted effort and strain from overcompensating with your dominant side for the deficiencies and inefficiencies of your non-dominant side, and will help build a much stronger athletic foundation regardless of what sport your play.