Conventional wisdom tells us that proper running technique for optimal performance consists of a front to back arm swing to enhance propulsion and increase speed. For most of our lives, most us have been instructed to run this way. We have been properly instructed improper running form. The absolute fastest way you can possibly sprint and increase agility involves a technique known as the Double Down Pulse. Instead of a traditional arm swing, it requires you to “pulse” your arms. If you take footage of Deion Sanders, one of the fastest and most agile people to ever walk on the face of this earth, you will witness this “pulsing” action.

In addition to increasing speed and agility, pulsing helps to decrease impact forces on your joints and tissues; limits the amount of time your foot is in contact with the ground; and increases the amount of force you can produce to explode off the ground. The underlying theory and application behind this technique is the idea that the more force you can transfer down into the ground, the more force you are able to project your body up off the ground. This ultimately leads to more force, faster.

Breaking away from the conventional wisdom that even those whom are considered experts in the field of optimal gait mechanics has been – and will continue to be – difficult. But make no mistake, results don’t lie. Faster is faster and one can’t argue against the clock. Pioneered by the inventor of this technique -David Weck- pulsing will soon become a widely accepted technique to achieve top speed by professionals and amateurs alike. Weck – inventor of the BOSU ball and RMT club – has recently developed an invention that will be soon recognized as the greatest invention in the history of bipedal locomotion known as the WeckMethod Pro-Pulsers

For the first time in human history, all humans run faster holding weights than they do without them. At this point, you are probably thinking “this guy is off his rocker.” I could continue to explain the reasoning behind this concept, but the best way to convince you that this is groundbreaking is for you to try it out yourself. Purchase your pulsers and learn the technique by joining Weck’s It won’t be long until you realize the effects of learning the Double Down Pulse technique.