Rotational Movement Training | Beat Fitness

What is Rotational Movement Training?

Rotation is the fundamental essence of human movement. Whether you are walking, running, swinging a golf club, or simply turning to your left or right, your body is moving with some degree of rotation. There are no straight lines in the human body, so it only makes sense that you should train your body to achieve its highest movement capabilities through Rotational Movement Training.

Rotational Movement Training is designed to unify, strengthen, and balance the body while educating it to move smarter and with greater efficiency and athleticism. By combining rotational movements within the body with specialized equipment, compound integrated movement patterns, and skill-based high-intensity exercises, we can help promote greater communication and connection between muscles, tendons, connective tissues, and joints within your body.

Enhanced communication and connection helps to promote integration and sequencing between your core and the rest of your body. The better integrated your body is, the more effectively you can produce and express total body strength from your core and throughout your entire body.

The movement patterns and exercises used in Rotational Movement Training closely relate to those used in sports and everyday life activities. Training this way prepares your body to execute movements with greater ease and fluidly to increase the power and the explosiveness of the movements while decreasing the risk of injury.