Stay healthy for longevity.


May is national physical fitness and sports month! What better way to celebrate than to get up and get moving through a walk after dinner or a great workout at the gym.

Physical activity is important for children, adults and older adults. It helps children develop muscle strength and bone health while helping adults and older adults lower risk of certain diseases. Many chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes and obesity can be overcome through regular physical activity. Below are lists of ideas for getting up and moving to improve one’s health!

-Get involved in a sport at school or recreation program outside of school
-Take walks with family after dinner
-Play outside instead of sitting inside and watching TV or playing video games

-Join a local gym
-Take walks at work around the office or outside every couple of hours
-Start a new hobby like biking or hiking

Older Adults:
-Join a community center with organized activities for older adults (YMCA)
-Every hour try to get up and walk around the house if sitting at home
-Swimming can be a non-weight bearing activity, easy on the joints and a fun way to exercise

For individuals already physically active and/or involved in a sport, follow the quick workout posted to start the movement to a healthier you! It is a 10 minute bodyweight exercise session that can be done at home.

NEED: Stop watch or Timer and possibly a mat, music helps to keep the energy up as well!

Warm-up: ~5minutes
Arm circles 10x Forward and 10x Backward
Criss-cross arms across the chest (moving back and forth) 10x
March in place 10x
Lateral shuffle Right and Left 10x each
Straight leg kicks Right and Left 10x each
Lay on mat Superman’s (back extensions) 10x

Workout: 2:00min Work/ :40sec Rest (3x)
Squat w/ 2 Hops (5)
Forearm Plank to Hand Plank (5R/L)
Straight Leg Crunches Arms Extended to Reach (10)

Cool-down: Follow Stretch Video!

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