Water…Are you Drinking it?

Water…Are you Drinking it?

It is known that a balanced diet and regular physical activity will help with maintaining one’s health. So you join a gym and begin monitoring the amount and types of foods you eat, but you still aren’t healthy. Why?! There could be a simple answer to this question and it could be WATER!

The water make up

Water makes up about 60-70% of our total body weight. It is not a source of energy like carbohydrates, but it is just as important if not more important in helping our bodies function in a healthy manner. The body can last up to 3 weeks without food before it shuts down, but it can only last 3 days without water! A few reasons why water is so important include: allowing cells to carry out certain functions, regulate body temperature, provide lubrication to joints and relieve constipation. So if the body is lacking the correct amount of water to maintain homeostasis, things can go haywire internally and externally.

Dehydration is the body’s loss of water and it can be severe where it leads to death. During dehydration the body experiences extreme thirst and urine appears dark in color. Headaches and nausea can also accompany symptoms of being dehydrated. It is key to prevent dehydration from occurring so understanding the risks that can cause it along with knowing the average amount of water you should be consuming based on gender, age and body weight can lower the risks.

Drinking too many caffeinated drinks- caffeine is a diuretic
Not drinking water at all throughout the day
Prolonged exercise with excessive sweating
Being exposed to heat where excessive sweating occurs

Average amount of water to be consumed daily:
Men- 3L (13 cups)
Women- 2.2L (9 cups)
Calculate how much water you should actually be drinking:
Know how much you weigh
Multiply weight by ⅔ (67%)
Know your exercise time (12oz for every 30min of exercise)
Example: 130lb x 67% = 87 oz + 24 oz (1hr of exercise)= 111 oz of water/day

Benefits of Water:
Increase bowel movements and prevent constipation
Maintain body hydration levels for temperature control and cell function
No direct effect on weight loss, but consuming water instead of food when you feel “hungry” could prevent overeating because your body could be “thirsty”

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