‘WeckMethod’ Primed to Revolutionize the Way We Look at Health and Fitness

‘WeckMethod’ Primed to Revolutionize the Way We Look at Health and Fitness

Written by: Brian Tevis, CSCS, PES

“It’s about mastering the vertical movements and rotational movements of the body. Every movement, athletic or otherwise, stems from these two forms of motion.”

David Weck – inventor of the BOSU® Ball, RMT® Club, and more!

Retrieved directly from WeckMethod’s website, “WeckMethod training creates a better athletic foundation to improve movement and performance. WeckMethod combines innovative equipment and specialized training to enhance the body’s vertical and rotational movements improving body mechanics, functional strength, and athletic balance.” Balance, as it relates to WeckMethod training, “focuses on balancing both sides of your body, balancing strength and coordination, balancing power and efficiency, and balancing athletic movement with proper body alignment.” Let’s take a second for a quick breakdown of what equipment and techniques are utilized in WeckMethod training.

WeckMethod Techniques

The WeckMethod45™ is a positing of the feet that helps to enhance ground base movements, improve speed, power, and agility on the ground. This stance also improves squat power and glute engagement and reduces the risk of injury.

Non-Dominate Side Trianing™ encourages symmetry between left and right sides of your body. Developing symmetry minimizes movement deficiencies and improves overall athletic capacity, balance and strength.

Compression Strength Training™ is a functional strength training technique that will make you stronger, more efficient, and more powerful utilizing pressurized elasticity to generate more force, faster.

Rotational Movement Training® is designed to unify, strengthen, and balance the body while educating it to move smarter and with greater efficiency and athleticism.

Coiling Core Training™ teaches you to contract one lat at a time to power locomotion and results in increased force generation, range of motion, coordination, rotational power, and maximum strength,

Tensional Balance Training™ trains your body to load the ground with more power and develop optimal balance under tension.

Double Down Pulse™ is the absolute fastest way you can possibly sprint and increase agility. It also decreases impact forces on your joints and tissues, limits the amount of time your foot is in contact with the ground, and increases the amount of force you can generate.

BOSU Ball | WeckMethod
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RMT Clubs | WeckMethod
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Pulsers | WeckMethod
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Coiling Core Band | WeckMethod
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RMT Rope | WeckMethod
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As you can see from the inventions and techniques laid out above, David Weck is a visionary in the fitness world. In addition to being wicked smart, Weck can think further outside the box than most other visionaries in any field of expertise. The thing that drives David’s success is his hunger for knowledge and his desire to, as he likes to say, “make every step stronger for everyone.” Driven by his burning desire for ‘better’ and his ‘results don’t lie’ approach to improving human locomotion, Weck is leading the charge in revolutionizing the fitness industry. Much of Weck’s success stems from his fearless and willingness to debate the most reputable “experts” in various subcategories of fitness and biomechanics. It takes this kind of unwavering confidence and knowledge to truly change principles and ideas that have long been considered fact.

Take Weck’s most recent invention – WeckMethod Pulsers – and training technique – the Double Down Pulse – for example. Experts in the field of human gait and locomotion have dug their heals in deep when it comes to where one’s head should align while running. Conventional wisdom suggest that the head should align neutral or basically in the centerline of your body when running. Weck has taken his extensive research, knowledge, and creativity to rebut these “fundamentals” and implement his Head Over Foot and Coiling Core™ techniques. Not only does David have the brains to explain why HOF and a coiling core is biomechanically more efficient, he institutes his “results don’t like” approach to prove it. As he might say, “you can’t argue against the clock.”

Despite already experiencing a tremendous amount of success and garnering a great deal of respect with his previous inventions and techniques, Weck is truly on the verge of radically changing the way the view human movement and fitness. For the first time in human history, everyone can run faster holding weights once they’ve learned the Double Down Pulse technique than they can without them. With his invention having launched in 2017, it won’t be long before pulsing becomes a global movement. Pioneered by David and many of his close friends, including former MLB player Marlon Byrd, this radical shift will go down as the greatest invention in bipedal locomotion history – surpassing the previous invention that long held that honor, shoes.

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