Why Should You Barefoot Train?

Written By:Brian Tevis, M.S,. CSCS, PES

1. Barefoot training helps to strengthen the stabilizing muscles of the foot and ankle. Shoes
give a lot of stability and support which allows the foot and ankle to become lazy.
Strengthening these small muscles can improve balance and overall movement.

2. Going barefoot puts thousands of tiny nerve endings in direct contact with the ground.
This improves your proprioceptive abilities, which helps to improve balance and
movement. Proprioception is your unconscious perception of your surroundings and the
orientation of your body within your surroundings. Improving your proprioceptive abilities
translates to better balance, stability, and movement mechanics.

3. Going barefoot helps to properly align the bones in the feet and ankle. Nearly 30% of the
joints in your body are found in your feet. The alignment of these bones determines the
alignment of the rest of the bones in your body. Many times, knee and back pain stems
from improper foot mechanics and alignment. Ensuring proper alignment of these bones
affects your movement capabilities and posture.

4. Going barefoot helps to naturally align and activate muscles in your entire body. When
we are wearing shoes, we recruit different muscles than we are naturally designed to
activate and use. Additionally, going barefoot helps to improve foot to core sequencing.
This sequencing affects the way we stand, move, and feel.

5. Going barefoot strengthens the arches in our feet. Wearing shoes with a lot of cushion
and support will artificially raise your arches and will remove the responsibility of the
muscles supporting your arches from doing their job. Weakening of your aches requires
more support to relieve the tension temporarily, so you go out and buy custom orthotics.
The problem is that orthotics do nothing to actually fix the problem and actually make
matters even worse. This results in a lifelong battle of shoes and orthopedic problems.
Going barefoot will help to naturally avoid these problems and correct any problems you
may have already developed.

6. Going barefoot increases the flexibility and mobility of the foot which greatly improves
your range of motion.

7. Going barefoot will lead to healthier feet overall. Shoes are cause of most foot problems
such as bunions, athlete’s foot, ingrown toe nails, fallen arches and hammer toes.
People who train barefoot avoid these problems.

8. If the stability and mobility of the feet deteriorate, the ankle, knee, and hip become more
prone to injuries. Preventing hip and knee discomfort as we age can be as simple as
going barefoot now!

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