You’ve heard of athletes being called the GOAT, which stands for greatest of all time. Many have started studying those athletes and noticed a similarity across them all. There are certain movement patterns they all do, a locomotive fluid motion with back chain dominance. With slow motion video, we can study how your body is moving and figure out what we need to change in order for you to move in the best way possible.  GOATA is the body’s innate movement blueprint.  Through specific exercises, cues and body positions you will feel how your skeleton and muscles were designed to function ‘as one’.

GOATA Movement is the science of changing human movement patterns through a series of body positions and exercises. We call this neurological and musculoskeletal process a ‘Recode’. When we begin uploading the movements into your neurological system you will immediately begin to feel an improvement in your stance, your walk, your run, and other daily activities.  Not only will you reduce pain, eliminate non-contact injuries, and begin to heal your joints, but you will also begin to see improvement in your athletic performance! Your walk will get smoother, your runs will get faster, and all of your daily activities will become easier.  The recode process can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few years, depending on your level of systemic imbalance and dedication to performing and incorporating the GOATA movements into your daily life.  If you are looking to reduce your pain and level up your game, then it’s time to begin your Recode.

GOATA is a movement system designed to help you move better!



Rotation is the essence of human movement. No matter how the body is moving, it moves with some degree of rotation. Rotational Movement Training is designed to unify, strengthen, and balance the body while educating it to move smarter with greater efficiency and athleticism. Thus training your non-dominant side in the process. Combining rotational movements with specialized equipment and compound movement patterns can help prompt greater communication and connections between your brain, muscles, tendons, and joints in the body. This helps promote integration and sequencing between your core and the rest of your body. The better integrated your body is, the more effectively you can produce and express total body strength from your entire body. This allows for your body to stop compensating for your non-dominant side. The movement patterns and exercises used in Rotational Movement Training closely relate to those used in sports and everyday life activities. This prepares your body to execute movement with greater ease and fluidity to increase the power and the explosiveness of the movements while decreasing the risk of injury. The techniques used in non-dominant side training encourages symmetry between the left and right sides of the body and allows your non-dominant side to contribute more.



Conventional wisdom tells us that proper running technique for optimal performance consists of a front to back arm swing to enhance propulsion and increase speed. We have been instructed to run improperly. The fastest way to sprint and increase agility involves a technique called Double Down Pulse. Instead of a traditional arm swing, you “pulse” your arms. In addition to increasing speed and agility, pushing helps to decrease impact forces on your joints; limits how long your foot is in contact with the ground; and increases the force you can use to explode off the ground. The more force you can transfer down into the ground, the more force you are able to project your body up off the ground. Which leads to more force, faster.

Breaking away from the traditional style of running will be difficult. But results don’t lie; faster is faster. Pioneered by the inventor of this technique, David Weck, pulsing will soon become a widely accepted technique. Weck, inventor of BOSU ball and RMT club, recently invented the WeckMethod Pro-Pulsers. It’s being found that humans run faster holding weights than they do without them. You may be thinking this is crazy, but the best way to convince you is to try it yourself. Once you learn this technique, it won’t be long until you realize the effects of learning the Double Down Pulse technique.



Many are confused when they see the words “barefoot training.” The word “barefoot” typically brings imagery of the beach or relaxing at home. Not many associate being barefoot with exercising. But there is a barefoot movement, athletic companies market minimalist shoes as “barefoot shoes.” Walk through any pharmacy and you’ll see entire aisles dedicated to addressing foot problems. However, research is showing that shoes may be the culprit behind your foot pain. Having our feet cramped in shoes all day can weaken the muscles, tendons and ligaments of the foot. Proper mechanics of the ankles and knees are also negatively impacted, contributing to increased risk of injury. Most athletic shoes have a soft cushion insole with a hard rubber outer sole and with that we wear socks. Which raises our feet at least an inch off the ground and disrupts the natural feedback of the foot. Studies show that athletic shoes severely alter the mechanics of running. Runners often strike the ground with their heel rather than a more efficient foot strike. While we are still learning the reality of this, it makes sense so far. To prevent injury sensors in the foot signal the brain to make adjustments to our body positioning or alignment. A foot that isn’t engaged with the ground has a higher chance of injury. Your feet and hands happen to share the same basic architecture, if you have trouble doing something with gloves on, it’s the same idea with your feet. When you’re working out, our feet are the only part in contact with the ground/floor. Movement begins with our feet’s connection to the ground.

There are so many benefits of training barefoot. Ranging from improved balance and sport performance, improved perception of space and movement, stronger ankles and increased support, reduced risk of injury, and many, many more benefits. Contact us today to learn more!



BEAT Fusion is our signature hour-long high-intensity interval training class that challenges individuals through various strength training and cardio exercises. There is a strong emphasis on proper form and rotational and functional movements. We work to ‘fuse’ together all aspects of human movement and fitness. Program design varies each week through timing changes, muscle group changes and constantly varied exercises designed to promote a total body workout.

Layout is as follows:

10-15 minute warm up

42-48 minute workout

*Maximum Capacity – 12*